X-02 Power Armor

I’m sure by now, you all have noticed, that the X-02 is not a direct copy of the
MKII APA you were used to in Fallout:3. This is not an arbitrary design decision,
nor was it necessary to make it fit into the Fallout:4 gameworld. The redesign of
the X-02 is an homage, to the late, great, Adam Adamowicz.

For those of you who don’t know, Adam was the concept artist at Bethesda Game Studios, and
for a while, the only one. Much of what you have seen from BGS over the last ten years,
has been formed, in no small part by him. He was a man of massively prodigious talent,
surrounding himself with a love of art, compassion for his coworkers, and
(from what I’ve been told), an attitude that you just couldn’t hate. The work of Adam
Adamowicz has inspired my own over the last few years, serving as a launchpad to try new
styles, and never be afraid to fail; you never know what glorious design might crawl out
of the ink smudge on the page.

Adam passed away in 2012, leaving behind an immense wealth of knowledge, and the gifts
of his art. To me, these have since presented an endless source of inspiration for
character, clothing, and creature designs. When we realised that the Mk II APA was not
present in Fallout: 4, we thought it would be fitting to bring it back, doing our best
to merge Adamowicz’s art, with the final design from Fallout:3. This isn’t a redesign
for the sake of doing so, this is my homage to one of greatest inspirations.

Please, take a moment while your file downloads to check out these links on his life and memory.

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