Fallout: Lonestar Ghouls

Fallout: Lonestar is heavily focused on the concept of visual storytelling. As such, I thought it was important to approach  our creature models in a way that made the general environment of the Texas wasteland immediately evident.


In the history of the Fallout games, ghouls have been a staple as both interactive characters and enemies. We wanted the Ferals featured in Lonestar to stand out from an environmental perspective; emaciated, pathetic, horrifying. We we’re inspired by a creature from Black Isle’s cancled project, “Van Buren”. Specifically, the Endless Walker, a shambling ghoul, crazed from exposure, baked by the sun, voracious and ferocious. Inspiration was taken from a variety of sources to ensure that these creatures were not simply a run-n-gun enemy, but to ensure a level of humanity. No matter how desiccated, remnants of humanity needed to shine through; tattered clothing, salt-stained and crusty, hanging jaws, and glassy eyes were imperative in ensuring they were not simply monsters.